The Whole Health Medicine Institute

If you or someone you love has been considering enrolling in the Whole Health Medicine Institute, but you’re not quite sure whether this is the right fit for your particular needs—or whether this is the right year to enroll—listen below as Lissa answers questions about the Whole Health Medicine Institute (WHMI.)

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Listen as Lissa answers questions about Whole Health Medicine Institute

What is WHMI?

It’s about WHOLE HEALTH and being healthy in all aspects of relationships, healing works, calling, environment, and health and heart, etc. being unavailable for living a poisonous life.

The Whole Health Medicine Institute is about expanding all of the tools in our medical toolbox to include everything that Western medicine has offered us. Western medicine does acute care really well, and the Whole Health Medicine Institute offers medical professionals the opportunity to do a better job of following up and addressing chronic illness, the things that Western medicine is not very good at.

The Three Pillars

WHMI Pillar #1: Heal The Healer
We can change the health care system. But first, we must heal ourselves. While many health care providers do not realize how much they are in need of healing, every single WHMI graduate agrees that the Heal The Healer facet of WHMI is one of the most radically transformational aspects of the program. Because the health care system is so wounding, many health care providers, especially physicians, suffer from undiagnosed PTSD and burnout, as well as health problems, addictions, depression, and anxiety, largely as a result of the self-sacrificing martyr patterns that lead health care providers to tolerate abusive or self-abusive behavior. Participating in this program involves self-examination, personal inquiry, the willingness to face your shadow, and the intention to alchemize your limiting beliefs, heal your self-sabotaging behaviors, and cleanse yourself so you can be a vessel of real transformation for a world in need of your love. You will be asked to dive into your own psycho-spiritual healing journey, because we can’t effectively heal others if we are operating from our own wounds. Healer, heal thyself. (But don’t worry. We’ll help you.) Experts in transformational growth work will help you heal yourself through tools you can not only use for your own healing, but share with your patients.

WHMI Pillar #2: Core Curriculum
The Whole Health Medicine Institute has been training health care providers to facilitate with patients the “6 Steps To Healing Yourself,” as outlined in Lissa Rankin, MD’s Mind Over Medicine philosophy, as shared in her New York Times bestselling book, featured on two National Public Television specials, and communicated in four TEDx talks. The “6 Step” program has evolved over the years in response to Lissa’s seven years of research with shamans, energy healers, Qigong masters, Balinese healers, trauma therapists, energy psychologists, and indigenous healers from across the globe. The 2018 core curriculum will include some of the unpublished findings Lissa will include in the third book in the Mind Over Medicine trilogy—Sacred Medicine. Lissa teaches the 6 Steps herself, but dozens of other expert medical, psychology, and spiritual faculty flesh out the steps with their own unique philosophies and tools.

WHMI Pillar #3: Business Development
At WHMI, we are committed to making sure we are not one of those “aspirational” programs. You know the ones . . . the ones that charge you lots of money to learn a new skill, hooking you with the hope that you’ll be able to make a career out of your new skill, without making it clear that your new skill will never translate into a successful business unless you have excellent business and marketing tools, a courageous, risk-taking, entrepreneurial mindset, and an actionable model that will help you translate your new knowledge, awareness, tools, and wisdom into a practical, grounded, thriving business that actually pays the bills and allows you to bring your unique gifts into a world in need of your gifts. The Business Development pillar includes tools to help you craft a dream practice outside the conventional medical model, recruit your ideal patients, build an online presence, fill workshops, publish your book, teach teleclasses, develop and sell your own high end programs (like this one), or monetize some of your creative passions.

What If You Don’t Have To Choose?

What if you don’t have to choose . . . between selling your soul and making a living?

When Lissa created the Whole Health Medicine Institute, she created what she wished she had when she quit her job as an OBGYN in 2007. She wanted to learn what made people vulnerable to disease and what actually works. What helps when Western medicine doesn’t help? What else is there?

The hope is you don’t have to choose between selling your soul and making a living. What if you could come out of the other side of WHMI and discover for yourself what that means. You can live in alignment with your soul and get paid for it. (Listen to the call Lissa did with three past graduates of WHMI here that are doing it.)

Imagine How It Would Feel If You Are Not Compromising Your Integrity 1%

Imagine what it would feel like if you were living your ideal job. Ask yourself “How can I live in alignment with my soul and not sell out and not compromise my integrity not even 1%, then what would my career look like?”

What would it feel like if you’re not compromising your integrity 1%. You know you’re doing the best healing work you can possibly do and you’re seeing the results. You’re holding the presence and space and loving your patients so much that they are able to do the self-healing work. They are getting results.

The body can heal itself, but we can’t do it alone. So the true healer gets to have the joy.

The Business Development aspect of WHMI is to help activate where people’s callings are really drawing them. This work is a way of living whole health that affects not just you and your close family, but it affects anyone that you touch, any colleagues, or patients or clients that you work with. It becomes relevant as you dive deeper into this transformational work.

Logistics For The Core Program

Question: What is the Whole Health Medicine Institute?

Answer: It’s not an actual college, we don’t have a campus. It is a virtual experience. We have two, 3-day live in-person retreats in Mill Valley, CA. The first one focuses on Healing the Healer, and the second on Fulfilling Your Calling. This is where you get to see and feel and be part of meeting others who are just like you. The rest is virtual and was created for people who have a full-time job. It’s designed to provide both live and recorded content with new faculty added every year. Live calls will include an orientation call in the beginning, a wrap-up call at the end, new teachers, Q&A calls to digest the calls and information you’re learning, you can ask Lissa anything.

This year we’ve added a new “Customize your Medical Practice” business packet to the Institute. This is specifically to offer tools with new expert faculty including three former WHMI graduates. There are many ways your customized medical practice may apply itself whether inside or outside of the system.

Mastermind Groups And Other Bonuses

Lissa explains how the Mastermind groups will be set up and organized. The groups meet for the 5 months of the program, but it’s something that usually stays organized for years after WHMI.

Lissa shares what Visionary Ignition Switch is and what to expect from the experience. This is an optional program that is included in WHMI.

Medicine for the Soul Teleclass Program is an optional program included in WHMI.

Facebook Group for the 5 months of the course to stay connected with the tribe.

Book club will include Lissa’s books and also recommendations that have influenced Lissa’s business.

Whole Health Medicine Institute Faculty

Lissa shares how important the WHMI Faculty is and what they bring to the program.

Each year we add additional faculty based on what Lissa has learned and new introductions she has encountered.


This year certification is for licensed medical providers.

This allows for better quality control where a licensing or governing board is in place. It puts a level of ethics in place.

Q&A: “Is WHMI only for women? What if I can’t travel?”

NO! About 90% of the applicants are women! But men ARE welcome and we are excited to welcome them!

While the retreats aren’t a dealbreaker, we highly recommend that if you aren’t able to attend to wait for next year. The retreats are the best part!


“What are the practical ways that the WHMI might help me feel less conflicted with my relationship with medicine?”

Lissa shares what it was like and what she has done to deal with the feelings of confliction.