Meet Three Past Graduates OfThe Whole Health Medicine Institute

If you or someone you love has been considering enrolling in the Whole Health Medicine Institute, but you’re not quite sure whether this is the right fit for your particular needs—or whether this is the right year to enroll—join me for the free call about the Whole Health Medicine Institute (WHMI) with past graduates.

The graduates who will be talking about how WHMI changed their lives and how they took what they learned and customized it into their own unique callings. These three physicians will tell their stories and also be on point to answer any questions you might have about the program from the student perspective. Yes, these are three of our star students, and they’ve joined the WHMI faculty this year, so they might not represent every student who has ever taken the program. But I’ve told them not to hold back- so feel free to ask them even your most skeptical, doubting questions.




Join Lissa along with Whole Health Medicine Institute graduates Mary Louder, MD, Christine Gibson, MD, and Kay Corpus, MD 


Mary Louder, DO is board certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine. Her practice serves patients by seeking root causes and creating a healing environment so the body’s self-healing capacity can naturally occur. The practice is hybridized in both practice style and billing: and they ACCEPT MOST INSURANCES and have cash services for various treatments.

It is her belief that in using both insurance and cash, there is a sweet spot that emerges for healing, and for financial feasibility.

Her practice uses genomic testing to incorporate your genetic tendencies and functional testing to see just where you are at and what is needed to support yourself in life.

Mary  feels the Mind Body Spirit approach is the most accurate and comprehensive way to provide medical care.

Mary is originally from Michigan. She graduated with a B.S. in Education and Athletic Training from the University of Montana and then worked towards a graduate degree at Michigan State University. Dr. Louder then enrolled and graduated from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993. Dr. Louder earned her post doctoral training in both a general osteopathic internship and family medicine residency in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Louder lives in Longmont with her husband Andy and their labradoodle Lucy. In her spare time, Dr. Louder loves to fly fish, enjoy nature and the outdoors, as well as researching and writing on different medical topics.


Christine Gibson, MD is a Family Medicine specialist physician, with an interest in Health Equity and in Medical Education. She works at a Community Health Centre serving low-income clients as well as with refugee populations. Her current framework is that of social innovation, taking a systems-level approach to changemaking. In the health system, this means looking at a larger container that includes all healing modalities.

Through social innovation, Christine enhances resilience and agency for communities who have been historically oppressed. Taking an asset-based and trauma-informed approach, she fosters way for community members solve their own problems.

She has taught at the Undergraduate Medicine level for over fifteen years, ranging from courses in Communication to Global Health. She acted as Associate Program Director for Family Medicine Residency in Calgary for two years, and was Program Director for Global Health Enhanced Skills residency training from 2008 to 2014. In creating this program, she completed a Masters in Medical Education with a thesis topic of using a portfolio for resident assessment of these focused, reflective students.

Globally, Christine has worked with a University of Calgary project in Laos PDR to support the development of a novel Family Medicine program. Christine has further collaborated in East Africa, facilitating the formation of an East African network of Family Medicine stakeholders and educators. To support the development of Family Medicine in areas with greatest need, she is Executive Director for Global Familymed Foundation, a Not-For-Profit to build capacity in supporting physicians to train and work where they’re needed the most. She has provided consulting in Family Medicine development to Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Nepal, to Gondar University in Ethiopia, and to the Myanmar Academy of Family Medicine.

Specialties: Family Medicine, Medical Education, Global Health, Social Innovation, Community Engagement

Kay Corpus, MD is an Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician, a transformational teacher, spiritual companion, and yoga lover.

Physician, yoga teacher, and founder of The Yoga Loft, Dr. Kay Corpus, offers to the public, alignment savvy and intelligently sequenced yoga which teaches and empowers students how to become embodied and self-aware physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually This is always the first step in attaining whole health and vitality.

Her mission is to mentor patients through their path of healing so that they can embrace their true identity and health they deserve.


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