WHMI Certification (Optional)

WHMI Certification (Optional)


Some participants choose to experience the Whole Health Medicine Institute program primarily for personal and professional growth in order to increase job satisfaction, improve patient outcomes, and optimize your personal health and happiness. Others go through this program as a way to prepare themselves for an entrepreneurial Whole Health Medicine business.

If you are applying for this program primarily as a personal growth experience, going through the certification process may not be necessary for you. But if you’re also applying for this program as a professional growth experience you may be interested in undergoing WHMI Certification. This WHMI Certification grants you the opportunity to be listed as a Lissa Rankin-endorsed referral on the Whole Health Medicine Institute website, which will be linked to from LissaRankin.com and MindOverMedicineBook.com.

To earn the WHMI Certification involves several steps:

  • Documentation of 10 patient/client hours utilizing the Six Steps to Healing
  • A written test on the core content of the program

The WHMI Certification process is designed to assess your interpersonal skills and test your knowledge of the Whole Health Medicine Institute tools. Those who earn the WHMI Certification will be held to the highest standards. WHMI Certification is optional and is not automatic or guaranteed.

All health care providers who are granted a WHMI Certification will receive:

  • The WHMI Certification to place on marketing materials and your website
  • A Whole Health Medicine Institute listing on the WHMI and Lissa Rankin website
  • 10% discount on Lissa Rankin’s future online programs
  • And more (we’re always noodling new cool things to offer those we certify)

The WHMI Certification fee is $149 and is payable at the time you choose to enter the steps towards completion.

This WHMI Certification is mandatory if you are interested in being considered as a trainer for future Whole Health Medicine Institute training programs for health care providers.


Why Get the WHMI Certification?

You want to grow a cash-pay business.
You want to ensure that you’ve fully integrated what you’ve learned.
You want the cache of being affiliated with Lissa Rankin and the Whole Health Medicine Institute.
You're interested in being considered as a Whole Health Medicine Institute trainer.


Why is the WHMI Certification not included in this program?