Are you one of us?

Are you one of us?

Do you often feel like . . . ?

  • You were called to the field of health care, but you worry that you may have made a mistake.
  • You’re feeling pressured to conform to a model that feels way too constricting for someone with as expansive a vision as you have.
  • You’d love to be free of the insurance-based health care system.
  • You’d love to use your gifts as a healer to spend up to an hour with your clients while getting well paid for your time. Maybe you’d even love to write books or help others via public speaking. But you have no clue where to start.
  • You’re so exhausted from overwork that you have no clue how you’d muster up the energy to transform your career into something that fulfills rather than drains you.
  • You suspect that, with the right guidance, illness can be a vehicle for personal and spiritual awakening.
  • You know, deep in your soul, that you were put here on this earth to help people remember that each human is imbued with a spark of divinity that makes us all precious and unique.
  • You long to find a community of like-minded visionary health care providers who will remind you that you are never alone.
  • You’re ready to expand how you practice medicine, and you’re looking for the right mentors to help you take a leap of faith.
  • You want to stay in your current job, but you need help finding more meaning, fulfillment, and sense of connection with the calling that drew you to your field in the first place.


If this sounds like you, you are SO not alone. Most of the teachers at the Whole Health Medicine Institute felt exactly the same way at one point in their careers. That’s why we’ve developed a 3-month training program just for health care providers like you to teach you what pioneering mind-body medicine health care providers like Bernie Siegel, Rachel Naomi Remen, and Lissa Rankin have learned, as well as what gifted teachers like cell biologist Bruce Lipton have garnered from their risk-taking experiences.

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