Welcome To WHMI

Welcome to WHMI


Welcome to the 2016 Whole Health Medicine Institute Program founded by Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure author Dr. Lissa Rankin. In this site, our intention is to give you not just the knowledge your mind will need in order to analyze whether this revolutionary, paradigm-toppling, and transformative program is right for you. We also invite you to tune into your heart and your intuition so you can feel into the vibration of this program and get a sense for whether it’s aligned with what your soul needs at this phase of your professional and personal journey. This program is for those who are the future of medicine, operating as part of the global shift of consciousness that helps us put the “care” back in health care and co-create the revolution of love that will show us the way to new and ancient practices of true healing and whole health, not just for our patients and clients, but for ourselves.


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