Gary Malkin

About: Gary Malkin

  • Role : Launch Weekend Guest Performer
  • Website :
  • Experience : Second year as a Guest Speaker at Dr. Lissa Rankin’s WHMI
  • Specialist in : Award-winning composer, pianist, and performer for healing presence and a meaningful life

Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer and professional speaker who inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for healing, presence and a more meaningful life. His groundbreaking work redefines the role of the arts in all aspects of society, including healthcare, education and corporate America. A multiple Emmy, Clio, and ASCAP award recipient, Gary has spent three decades composing music for film, television, commercials and socially responsible documentaries. Through the media production company Musaic, Gary and longtime partner Dan Alvarez continue to produce award-winning music in the entertainment industry. Recent projects include the score for Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?, as seen by more than 20 million people in 27 languages; Pangea Day; Awakening the Dreamer; and numerous documentaries and socially responsible productions. Thrive’s film score recently received Best Score honors from the Hollywood Music in Media Association.

Gary is also co-founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing with Bruce Cryer. Gary and Bruce will be performing live at the Launch Weekend in May.