10 EXPERT TELECLASSES (Including a Bonus Session with a Prominent Shaman)

Focus: Steps 3 and 4 Writing Down the Light: Retelling Your Life Story

The stories we tell ourselves can change our brain circuitry, our relationships, and our path through the world. They can elevate life to heaven on earth, or drop us unceremoniously into the fire. This powerful module by the legendary Dr. Joan Borysenko will help you create your personal Tree of Life, explore your life myths, both sacred and profane, harvest the wisdom of deep discontent, use the written word to transform darkness into light, and ultimately change your brain and your life by changing your story. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Borysenko to WHMI for the first time in 2016.

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Joan Borysenko, PhD
Role : Teleclass Faculty
  • Website : http://www.JoanBorysenko.com
  • Experience : Inaugural year as guest speaker at Dr. Lissa Rankin’s WHMI
  • Specialist in : A Harvard Medical School trained cell biologist and licensed psychologist is a specialist in living your best life is a multidimensional process of caring for body, mind, and soul.
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