10 EXPERT TELECLASSES (Including a Bonus Session with a Prominent Shaman)

Focus: Steps 3 and 4 A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Chronic Pain

We’ve been taught that chronic pain is the result of injury and inflammation, requiring treatments such as pain medication, anti-inflammatories, surgery, and physical therapy. But what if chronic pain could be relieved instantly by simply shifting the energy of thoughts that block you? This is what energy healer Brandy Gillmore discovered in her own healing journey through an injury and the resultant chronic pain which she self-healed by shifting her thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Brandy will demonstrate and instruct us in the tools she uses with clients to cure pain quickly and without risk.

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Brandy Gillmore
Role : Teleclass Faculty
  • Website : http://www.brandygillmore.com/
  • Experience : 3rd year as a Guest Speaker at Dr. Lissa Rankin’s WHMI
  • Specialist in : She has developed quick and effective ways for this change to occur including the “Gillmore FREEDOM Method.” She also speaks about specific elements in the subconscious that affect our health what she calls “The 3 Keys to the Mind-Body and Soul.
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