Visionary Ignition Switch (Business Building Program)

Visionary Ignition Switch (Business Building Program)

Visionary Ignition Switch (Business Building Program)

This 8-week webinar program is co-taught by Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers (along with expert interviews with Firestarters Danielle LaPorte & Linda Siversten, President of Hay House Reid Tracy, Tribal Author Jonathan Fields, Crazy Sexy Kris Carr, Author & Speaker Arielle Ford, Expert Speaker Lisa Nichols, EFT Guru Nick Ortner, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Ryan Lee, Facebook Expert Rosh Khan, Master Coach Alexis Neely, and Financial Whiz Barbara Stanny.) This bonus course is part of the “Business Development” pillar.

This program teaches you ALL the methods you’ll need to:
  • Grow your “platform.”
  • Network like a genius with other visionaries.
  • Land a book deal or make the right decision for you about self-publishing.
  • Launch your book to great success regardless of how you decide to publish.
  • Rock the stage.
  • Monetize your vision with online programs that generate passive revenue.
  • Transform your one-on-one business into platinum offerings that will fulfill you on a deep level, while also bringing in some serious income.
  • Change your mindset so you can think and act like a millionaire.

Armed with this business school for visionaries program, you’ll have everything you need to get started in your visionary physician business.

Students have the option of participating in a recommended schedule for completing this 8-week home-study program that includes a bi-weekly Question & Answer Call with Amy Ahlers, the course co-author. This intensive training will occur in the months of June-July.


  1. Tips for Clarifying What You Want to Say, Overcoming Stage Fright, Attracting Paid Speaking Gigs, Selling From the Stage, Hosting LIVE Events & Getting on Television

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